Let’s Talk About Sex

Do you remember your first kiss? How about the first time you got to drive a car?

Do you remember the first time you had a pet die? How about your first major argument with your spouse?

I’ll never forget the first time I saw a naked woman.

That was awkward, right?

I See Naked People

I grew up with a large wooded area behind our house. All the neighborhood boys pitched in to build a fort out of trees and brush. It was a really cool place for young boys to learn how to become young men. The trees, the woods, the bugs and animals; a place we could really call our own.

I remember going to the fort one afternoon. I was the first one there that day. I walked in, and hanging on the wall was a centerfold from a Playboy magazine. One of my friends had taken it from an older brother or their dad and hung it on the wall.

I’m not even sure I had even thought about girls before, much less seen anything like that. I remember the feelings I felt. The awkwardness. The shame. The fear. I really didn’t know what to do.

So, after staring at it for a really long time, I did the first thing that came to mind. I folded it up and put it in my pocket.

If you’re reading this, sorry fellas.

The point is this – the first time something happens to us, or the first time we see something, it can be highly memorable. It can leave a lasting impression. You tend to remember it forever. I know I have.

We Should Be The First

With that said, it’s so important, as parents, that the first conversations our kids have about anything is with us. I think it’s especially important when those conversations involve sex and pornography.

And in case you were wondering, the best time to start is now.

The younger they are, the less uncomfortable the conversations are. And the easier it is to speak truth into their lives. We have used a series of books to begin the conversation about sex with our kids. It is called God’s Design For Sex.**

It is a wonderful resource for parents to introduce the concepts around personal privacy, modesty, sex, and how it all works together. There are 4 books, and they are written for different age groups. No matter the age of your kids, there is a book appropriate for them.

A great book for introducing and talking about pornography is Good Pictures Bad Pictures.** It’s a great read-aloud story about a mom and dad who teach their child what pornography is, why it’s dangerous, and how to avoid it.

Leading The Way

Listen, I know some of this stuff can be uncomfortable. Most of us didn’t have open conversations with our parents about sex and porn when we were growing up. But as we move farther into the digital world, it’s an absolute necessity. We need to be the leaders of these discussions for our kids.

They’ll hear about it from somewhere – you can count on that. The world will tell them its version. Their friends will tell them who-knows-what. Better to hear the truth from those that love them.

Have you talked with your kids about these issues? How did it go? What resources have you used to bring these things up? I’d love to hear your comments – leave one below and share with us all!


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