I talk about many tools on my website, and I hope you find them useful. In an effort to help you stay ahead of the technology game, I have compiled the following list of things I use. I will add to it as I find things worthy of sharing. If you have questions about any of the following, please ask!

 My Most Recommended

Avast Antivirus

My favorite go-to antivirus software.

I love Avast because of the ease of setup, and small amount of computer resources it uses. Click to download from the Avast website. Avast is FREE!


The ultimate note-taking, organizing, and archiving software on the planet.

I use Evernote daily to keep track of new ideas, handle client information, and generally keep track of important things in my life. Save recipes, store banking information, or use it to catalogue receipts for your accountant.

Internet Safety


THE utility to keep your computer running fast.

CCleaner is the best tool to clean unwanted files from your computer, disable startup items, and keep your registry in tip top shape. (I promise that’s important!) CCleaner is FREE!


Software to make your Internet safer, faster, and more reliable.

OpenDNS is a software service that provides filtering for your Internet. Free for home users, it blocks unsavory content from getting past your router. Any device connected to your home network is protected.

Covenant Eyes

Internet Accountability and Filtering - see who does what online.

Covenant Eyes is a software product that protects and monitors the Internet connections of your family. Perfect for families with kids, it makes sure no one sees what they shouldn’t.

**Disclaimer: I really enjoy bringing you information like this. My goal is to educate and inform you about things you may have questions about. I have included links in this post to products that I would recommend for your purchase. I do earn a small referral commission if you click on the link and purchase the item. It doesn’t cost you anything, but it does go towards helping me bring you more content like this. Thanks for all you do to support this site…every little bit helps!

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