The landscape of parenting through today’s ever-changing technology is constantly shifting. It’s no wonder kids are becoming younger and younger when they are exposed to the dangers of the Internet. However, kids face a tech-driven future. The technology many parents fear is the very technology their kids will need to thrive in the workplace of the future.

How do we balance this dichotomy? How do we educate ourselves, and parents like us, to lead our children well through this digital minefield?

Parenting and Technology Speaker Jay Lowrance

I’ve decided to dedicate more time to educating parents through public speaking. I’d like to help you and your homeschool co-op or church group become more aware of both the dangers technology can present for kids, and the value technology can provide in our lives.

For event planners, I know that conference attendees expect high-quality content from every speaker. Getting a crowd excited is easy, but having attendees leave your event awakened to something new is invaluable. That’s where I can add the most value. When I’m finished, they’ll walk away full of new, practical, immediately-usable knowledge and ideas.

My most-requested topics include:

  • Parenting in the Digital Age
  • How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography
  • Technology and the Homeschooled Child
  • How to Make Your Home Tech Safe

A Little About Me

I’ve spent over 16 years in various technology industries, from computer repair to web development. I’ve seen and heard stories from my closest friends, and from parents across the country, of kids that have run into trouble because of an electronic device. I’ve walked through some pretty tough stuff both with my own kids and some of our closest friends. I find great joy in educating parents on modern parenting challenges, and the solutions to the issues they are facing with their kids.

I have been married to my wife, Rene, for sixteen years. We homeschool our four children just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, hiking, and playing with my kids.

The Next Step

Thanks for considering me for your next event. To see if I’m available, send me a message and I’ll connect with you soon.

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